Franceis an enchanting European country with large number of cultural andhistorical attractions housed in it. Country is known worldwide forits ample of natural beauty, picturesque sites, famous landmarks,monuments and diversity of offerings. Country is rich in experiences,from romance of Paris to sunshine of Dordogne, snow covered hills tolively coastline of Cote d’Azur, vine gardens of Bordeaux andspectacular Renaissance architecture France has so much to offer.Paris is the capital of France and home to world’s one of the mostfamous landmark, Eiffel Tower and many other notacar rental ParisOrly Airportble attractions. When I planned my trip to France, Pariswas my very first stop. I had mine began my memorable journey to this wonderful country. France ishome to an array of historic sites featuring roman ruins to medievalfortresses and battlefields of World War. Some of the famous and mustvisit historic sites are shortlisted here for you. ‘


Itis a fortified town of France positioned between the  Mediterraneanand Atlantic. It is often said that Carcassonne was inhabited evenbefore the Ancient Roman Era. This beautiful town has so much to seeand explore. Its double fortified 3 km walls and 52 towers areincredible and offers fascinating views. Carcassonne is also listedas a World Heritage Site with Unesco since 1997. 


Itwas formerly a hunting lodge of King Louis XIII but later onconverted into a magnificent residence by his son Louis XIV. Itsamazing architecture and great works of art are worth more exploring.Later on in 19th Century Louis Philippe transformed itinto a Museum of History of France. 


Itis one of the most famous andmagnificent 12thcentury cathedral situated on the bank of Seine river offeringgreat experiences. It is anexcellentexample of Gothic architecture. Firstbuilt in 1163, Notre-Dame Cathedral is famous for its hugestained glasswindows anddramatic architecture. Theminute details of thisstunning Gothicarchitecture took workers almosta century to complete.  It is also hometo Crown of Thorns andis one of the most important Cathedrals of France.  

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