How to Choose a Type of Men's Watch?

Made of metal is very resistant but can be heavy, too hot in summer and can trap some hair on the arm

Rubber is available in a colorful version and it is really ideal for swimming. Unfortunately, it ages badly, tends to get dirty and can prove to be fragile over time, especially in the holes, by dint of wearing it.

The nato bracelet has been the fashionable bracelet for some time. Very resistant and also available in several colors, it goes perfectly with your outfits but you can also get bored by wearing it.

Do not see too big when choosing a watch

When you are in front of the window, be careful with the size of the watches on offer because we can never say it enough: it is not the size that counts!

If you have a thin wrist, do not choose a watch that is too large and imposing (such as a chronograph). It could weigh down your wrist and you could be very annoyed every day in your every move.

The diameter of some watches is quite substantial so it is better to have the body that goes with it, forearms muscular enough to wear them. Otherwise, really opt for a thinner model that will stick much better to your body type.

Also watch out for the shape of your watch

Round, rectangular and even sometimes completely quirky, brands compete in ingenuity and no longer hesitate to break the codes by offering original models. But beware: originality has its limits!

Pay particular attention to the location of the button (s) to adjust your watch. Sometimes the knobs for adjustment can be really annoying and you will only want one thing: remove it!

The watch says a lot about you!

If you choose to wear a watch, it is above all so that it can be seen! From the first glance, it is a reflection of your mood. It gives details of your personality and adds a touch of style and modernity.

It is therefore preferable to make the right choices based on your outfit for the day. You are free to choose such or such models according to your tastes, I am not there to judge but to advise you.

You have several choices:

It’s the daddy’s watch, the dress watch with its leather or stainless steel bracelet but which will give you a chic and sober effect, with your costume. Seriousness above all!

The sports watch: it is the watch for athletes, those who like to move with chronograph or not. Be careful about the choice of glass which will play its role in the event of a shock or a rather sudden movement on the mechanism. To wear during your sports activities but not only … it will also find its place with jeans and a polo shirt for a relaxed style!

The designer watch: ideal for well-timed, trendy guys who love modernity with a watch in a slightly futuristic style thanks to a digital display

The skeleton watch: this is a rather rare watch that catches the eye with its unique style where you can see the inside of the mechanism. More and more brands are working on these models. For sure, you will be asked to stretch your wrist to see it up close!

The connected watch: it is the watch in the era of time for all those who love new technologies. However, it will not surprise so much it is worn by all. To choose if you really need it because it is more expensive than the others.

The colorful watch: a watch where everything is in the bracelet!

By choosing the color, you will attract the eye by associating it in particular with the color of one of your clothes, your belt or your socks…

Look all the way to the wrist is about being stylish and compliments guaranteed!

Trying a watch… it’s adopting it!

Finally, a word of advice: try your watch rather than choosing it via a photo on the net: you might be disappointed … By wearing it and seeing it directly on your wrist, you can test the bracelet and see if it matches to your style of the moment!

Ask all the possible questions to the seller who will be able to “direct” you to the right watch according to your expectations.

At worst, you say that you need time to think, you raise the model and try to find it cheaper on the net! You can save a few euros.

But don’t wait too long! You risk missing out on the watch of your dreams: yes, time is running out… And remember to pay for your watch with an American Express card , you will earn points or miles for free trips!

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