Why AI can never replace a good employee

We live in a world in which technology makes our daily lives easier and easier. Drones deliver packages, chatbots answer questions on the Internet and car sensors ensure our safety. But the era of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics comes at a price: many workers fear to lose their jobs and more are in fear to learn AI. If you are In fear of Learning AI. Here are some of the best Youtube channels to learn AI. Learning AI is not a big deal.

However, not all functions can be automated. When it comes to positions that require problem solving, leadership and initiative, AI can never replace a good professional. Let’s look at seven areas where AI is impossible to provide the same value to the company as a person.


Today, there are robot surgeons, and even bots therapists if you need psychological support. But nothing can replace the involvement and empathy that we humans are capable of. Caregivers, therapists and doctors can show sincerity and empathy towards their patients: this is something that a machine cannot do, and that it probably cannot even emulate for a few more years.


Employees who take the initiative and proactively seek areas for improvement provide their companies with invaluable value. They develop processes and train other workers so that the company operates more efficiently and effectively. Once they dominate professional competence, they continue to look for ways to improve processes even more. Committed and proactive employees are of enormous value to companies.


The human mind captures information from different external sources and develops new and creative ideas. We can be inspired through music, poetry, art or photography, and then channel that inspiration to develop business ideas or new products.

Companies need that creative innovation to thrive. A creative employee helps your company think big and sometimes completely unpublished. It is in this context that new products are created, new initiatives are proposed and great advances are made.   

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